Amsterdam, and Back Again


There is an unnerving irony confronting me as I write this. I have recently embarked on a short trip to Amsterdam. Before I left, I released a piece mulling over the tragedy of the Manchester attack. I planned to follow this with another now published work, titled: Berlin and Back again. A further reflection on the tragic evening, at the Ariana Grande concert.

Before leaving however, I decided not to print so that I could continue working on it when I returned. This left my last published words to be:

An empathetic wave will take a hold of us all, before not too long when the limelight is cast onwards to some other tragedy. And, although never forgotten, our focus will sharpen on something a little more current. And we shall carry on. Watching as the world slowly chips away at our youthful sanity.

I departed London town, just before noon on Saturday. With the unfinished, unpublished words abandoned on my laptop in East London. Only, for some hours later there to be another attack. Once again in London.

The taste is bitter in my mouth, knowing another act of brutal and senseless violence occurred right on my doorstep. Not a few kilometres from my home. It puts me in a strange position. I don’t wish to write about this. For this to become the focus of my narrative. And, I am not sure why anyone would choose to centre their creative passion in such anguish. Yet, it still feels completely necessary to address these tragedies in some way. To put the words to the page, for at least my own sanity.

This is a painful time. A travesty.

Although not defeated, I think we all grow tired. Worn. Withered.

Is this now a part of our regular lives?

A constant barrage of violence on our city streets? Is this the price Western society pays for decades of war and bloodshed in the homelands of others? Will this ever be defeated?

I cannot answer a single question. And, I believe anyone that claims they can is full of shit. There is no simple solution, there is no answers to our pleas, to our God’s. There is only us. There is only Humans. The answers, the solutions, the justice, lies in all of us.

For we are the one true God. The existence of humanity, is our Lord and Saviour. This is our kingdom. Our planet. And, only heaven, or hell awaits.

Some Kinda Love