Canal Life


I have decided, there are only two ways to gain true freedom in London: Money, or a canal boat. Short of becoming a banker, and leading a life spent drinking in bars which charge twelve pound for a double vodka, whilst swiping my nights away endlessly on tinder. I am confident that buying a boat is the right move.

You can pick up a reasonably maintained narrowboat for around forty-five, to fifty thousand pounds. Some of them are already moored to a nice marina with great facilities. These include showers, carparks, and even Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you could become a moving gypsy, relocating every two weeks and mooring all over the city. The canal lifestyle brings with it a community, who trade amongst each other, and run small businesses aboard their floating homes.

No licence is required to sail the urban canals; although, the ongoing essential maintenance of a water vessel should be well understood before considering transition to the lifestyle. The Canal & River Trust, has reported that London has seen a sixty percent increase in boat owners in the last five years. Allowing some assurance that you will be amongst others new to the lifestyle.

I have concluded, that I shall embark on the journey towards boat ownership. Striving towards the ultimate freedom one could only hope for, when well situated in the lower income bracket of this strange city. The prospect of an ever-changing address, would provide an exciting level of sanctuary and security, from the strange characters whom envelope in your London life. A getaway home upon the slick waterways, where you can enjoy your tinder swiping escapades with homemade drinks, in your private bar for one – or two. All yours for the cool price of fifty thousand pounds!

London Town, with O