Fountain of Youth


Local woman dishes full English breakfast, at quaint Shoreditch kitchen. Tracy, is a forty-one-year-old single mother of one, who hails from Liverpool. After successively running a recruitment agency from her Shoreditch location over the past seventeen years, she has decided to switch it up completely and open a small café.

After opening in December, the café has seen rapid changes. Starting with Tesco brand tea, and toasted sandwiches, they hastily moved into brief cocktail evenings. And, have recently acquired a La Marzocco Espresso machine, and genuine Italian coffee. The latest addition to her café, is a new homestyle kitchen, operated by baristas and bar tenders with a passion for home cooking.

Unfortunately, upon our visit to the location, Tracy was unavailable for comment. Although, we were fortunate enough to speak with an energetic staff member, serving up their new English breakfast special.

Sarah, is a twenty-two-year-old, artist from East London. She has worked for Tracy since January.

“I am really glad I have been working here. It’s great to work for an employer like Tracy, you know. Someone that really looks after you. She’s paying us ten quid and we’re doing the job the way we want to. What else could you ask for?

We haven’t gone to chef school, or barista school. But we drink coffee, and cook at home. You just put two and two together.

You come in on the Saturday morning, maybe had an hour or two sleep. You cook up some sausage, egg, and tomato. Whack it in a steel container, put it on the bench. Eat some toast, and make some coffee’s. It’s great. Then, when the days done, if you have enough left, you don’t have to cook tomorrow. Put the container in the fridge, and give it a nuke when it’s ordered the next day.

Tracy is amazing too, you know, she’s truly onto it. She has worked in so many fields, and really understands business, and just people in general.

You Know.

Twenty years in recruitment, means she has seen every kind of person, you know. Also, not to mention she worked as a chef, for another fifteen years, in Four Star Hotels across London. She also managed Hotels for another thirty years, and ran a hair salon in Fitzrovia for another twenty-five.

You know, in her short life she has accomplished so much, especially in London. Not to mention raising her nine-year-old daughter, who is an Angel. Abbey is so smart, Tracy says, she gets it all from her, as her father wasn’t even involved in the conception. Tracy, the virgin mother she is.”

Sarah, breaks out into laughter before tending to the customers who have just wandered in. We look around the small venue, and find quaint features. Like an expansive cd collection, with everything from Fleetwood Mac, to Otis Redding, to Michael Jackson.

On the walls, Tracy displays pictures from her travels with hand written notes. A photograph of a younger Tracy, in a bikini on a beach, reads:

After leaving Liverpool at Seventeen, I moved to Thailand for twenty years, before living in Spain for five, and Greece for four.

The mystery behind the cool Shoreditch location, is yet to be revealed. But, there is always somebody in the store, and the doors are open for more. A hint at how we might find out the secret behind the local character, and her illustrious life is displayed on a wall towards the front of the café. The canvas sign reads in bold letters:

Careful or you’ll end up in my novel

Well, I guess we must wait until Tracy’s debut in literature, for the secrets to this Rivington Street address.

London Town, with O