If You Don’t Wanna See Me Get Mental

“It’s ­astounding anyone could think teaching our kids about respect for other people is a bad thing.”
– James Merlino, Deputy Premier of Victoria, and Minister for Education

“The Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships learning materials aim to encourage gender equity in relationships and challenge gender stereotypes, which are key drivers of ­violence against women, it is claimed.”
– Rebecca Urban, The Australian

The Australian, the Herald Sun, and The Daily Telegraph, managed to turn what is essentially a huge win for young Australian Women, into a vicious attack on equality education.

“The Left’s inherent authoritarianism is so clear to see in the power-maddened Socialist Left government of Daniel Andrews.”

– Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

The general imagery they painted was one where young Australian boys, would be tied to theatre chairs, and sat in front of a cinema screen. Violent images, intended only to produce self-hate, would flash before their eyes, in a Kubrick style mass rendition, of Alex’s indoctrination. (Burgess: A Clockwork Orange)

A seemingly sad attempt, to mislead their audience into a false sense of security, for their own actions of oppression; which, I can only presume at least some of their readership have committed. Manifesting in apparent harmless ideals, such as, self-appointed worth – a concept in grand contrast to integrity, or positive self-esteem. Giving way, to excusing male privilege, as some illusionary fairy-tale, in the same ignorant style of protest, Mike Pence, is purporting for the defence of the critically wounded campaign, of the nomad of male privilege himself, Donald J Trump.

Grab em’ by the pussy

This US election has been exhausting. The constant barrage of media coverage is one thing, but, the mental stamina required to not commence drinking heavily, whenever another remark filled with hate, vitriol, and stupendous ignorance; is brushed off, forgotten, or excused –  well, that is another.

Perhaps, the worst part in all of this, is our inability to point our fingers across the pond, and whole-heartedly laugh, at The USA’s ideals for political leaders. Not when, Pauline Hanson, is on Channel Seven denouncing his comments as vulgar; but, proclaiming on another hand, they are understandable, when taking into consideration the circumstances, in which they arose.

“It was said, not on camera, it was said behind the scenes and was a tape recording. Now, let’s be honest about it, there are a lot of men out there that say horrific things, probably up to the same standard.”

– Pauline Hanson.

Yes, Pauline, let’s be honest about it. Although, your remark seems to be acting as some bizarre defence of ole’ Trumpo, you bring up one very good point.

I suppose, the slam dunk factor in all of this – which in Pauline’s defence, she was not privy to at the time (yet, a remarkably good indicator at how uncalculated she is) – is the onslaught of Women, that have come forward since the tape, with claims of sexual assault, harassment, or sexually predatory alpha antics. All of which, have been attributed to Trump’s character, throughout his long career.

Nevertheless, Senator Hanson, has articulated something entirely true. There are a lot of men out there, who say horrific things, up to the same standard, and far beyond, ole’ Trumpo. If the Blokes Advice, secret Facebook group leaks, which occurred earlier in the year, demonstrated anything about our own cultural issues: it is that rape culture, is so prevalent in our society, that a group of 200,000 Australian males, were able to roll it off, as mere male banter – to some degree.

After the leaks: there did appear to be a collective of members within the group, which vocalised publicly, that they personally, took issue with the content exposed in the leaks. Unfortunately, not a large enough collective, as to exert action which would see such “banter”, condemned within the space.

That, is the issue. This, roll it off. It’s harmless. Just a bit of fun. Have a laugh.

Well, Women have voiced their concerns. The Women, whom have been raped, the Women whom have be sexually assaulted, the Women whom have been harassed – online, or otherwise. They have used their voices, they have demonstrated, and articulated why they feel these “jokes”, should no longer remain excusable in any situation.

It is not about whether there is no humour in such debauchery, if you try hard enough you can find humour in just about anything. The issue, is that so often, the words, the jokes, the ‘harmless fun’, can generally be correlated with some form of action. Given that sexual assault is at a six year high in our country, perhaps us blokes, should be doing our part.

“Better keep your hands to yourself
If you don’t wanna see me get mental
I’m just here to have a good time
I would open that door if I wanted you to come in”
– Aluna George

On the Gold Coast, there seems to be an overbearing presence of blokes, whom spend eight days of the week at the gym, and spend sixteen hours a week, jerking off to porn. Before proceeding, to heavily binge drink bi-weekly, and hitting the streets of Surfers Paradise; their heads filled with fucked up notions, emanating a sense of entitlement to: Pussy.

Perhaps, the most important thing that Men can do in our community today, to force a cultural change, so that our daughters aren’t faced with these issues, is:

Pull up, your mate

Whether you are Male, or, Female, if you see a friend, or even a stranger – depending on how brave you are – do, or say, something which makes you feel uncomfortable; or, that you feel you would not carry out yourself; talk to them. Question them.

Hey, why did you feel the need to do that? What good came from that action? Did you consider how that made the other person feel?

It’s really simple stuff, and, should it come from somebody they respect, and enjoy the company of, they should start to see things in another perspective. While, Daniel Andrews, may be on the right track with educating our young minds, on respectable behaviour, and ideals, it is a slow render to progress for our entire community. We often forget the power we have to affect immediate action in our own communities, just by working with peers, friends, and family.

This is not a crucifixion of masculinity; this is a crucifixion of Toxic Masculinity. This is the demolishment of Men using their privilege, to impede, bully, and objectify Women in all situations. The truth is, Men don’t get it, because we have not walked in heels of Women. Just as, Women do not understand the pressures of being a Man, in our society. These man made constructs have inflicted damage to each and every one of us, but the road to salvation lies in communication, understanding, and empathy – but, first to receive such things for your own combative plight, you must enact them for others.

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