There is a group of junkies camped outside the Kings Cross underground station. Their numbers fluctuate throughout the week, seemingly attracting more members to their clique on the weekends. This is when their corner by the ATM’s becomes a haven for weekly debauchery. Romping orgies commence early after dark on a Friday evening, and frequent games of: Spin the Share Needle, are participated in by all.

But, when Monday morning five am rolls around, their cosy spot in central London, takes a turn for the worse. The drugs start to dry up, and their comedowns flow-in with a roar. Vicious tirades of abuse are hurled at one another, leaving only those still lost in a drug fuelled daze unscathed.

A common scene, is one where the group begins to scatter up the streets towards Saint Pancras, on Pentonville Road. Setting up small individual camps along the street, outside each of the multinational franchises.

Rumour has it, they were recently infiltrated by a West London Youtuber, for an experimental video series. The series, which is yet to surface online, was based around the idea of a sort of exploitive, absurdist, Louis Theroux style documentary. This would the see the heir of a multimillionaire’s estate, living on the street with the group. Documenting their decline into states of human desperation, as he fed them a concoction of speed, methadone, MDMA, and heroin.

Unfortunately, although word of the series has gained traction around certain corners of the internet, the identity of the mysterious London based Youtuber is still unknown. An eager and overly enthusiastic fan of the rumour, approached the group one Saturday morning, on his return home from a night on the town. He asked the group if they could confirm what he had heard, and how he may come to view the somewhat mythical footage. A silence fell over the group, after he shared his enthusiasm for the series. In a quick instant, the boy found himself running up-hill towards Angel, as a procession of future Youtube stars trailed behind.

London Town, with O