Youthful Sanity


The hysterical fearful screams of the girls at the Ariana Grande concert, in Manchester, were bone chilling. The mass chorus of high pitch screams, was something akin to the wall of sound produced by Beatlemania – or, by a younger Justin Bieber – with a dark reverberation of horror oscillating within it.

To sit and read news stories again, and again of the mass murder of innocent civilians is becoming unbearable. A quick scan of four, to five articles from a selection of news outlets allows quick insight into the emerging details, without having to hand over any more emotional toil. For it is too often an event of mass carnage occurs in our world today, and the strength to submit to honest grieving wavers thin.

Yet, for all the attacks that have occurred over the last twelve months, nothing rings as true as an attack on young girls. The young women of Manchester were targeted to produce a large shock wave through our society, just as the country heads to the election polls. Whether this is by pure coincidence is yet to be confirmed. Although, it would be unsurprising if this did play a role in the attacker’s choice of time and place.

What we know, is this was an attack on a large gathering of mostly young women. Celebrating another young woman, who spends a great deal of her time spreading a message of female empowerment. Whether you consider Ariana Grande, to be a feminist icon or not, you cannot deny that she has put the mileage in to demonstrate a passion for the discourse. Her defiance against those who disagree with her use of her sexual capital as a means for empowerment, is a testimony to her cause. While modern feminism has many different faces, from many different backgrounds, for some young women in our western society, Ariana Grande, is the epitome of their cause and a representation of their hard-fought plight. And, denying their legitimacy is a demonstration of a lack of understanding of modern feminism.

So, we will watch this all play out. Like it always does. Regurgitated commentary will fill the airwaves, and newsfeeds. Messages of support will flow from prominent figureheads, and commoners alike. An empathetic wave will take a hold of us all, before not too long when the limelight is cast onwards to some other tragedy. And, although never forgotten, our focus will sharpen on something a little more current. And we shall carry on. Watching as the world slowly chips away at our youthful sanity.

Berlin, and Back Again